Posted on: May 5, 2008 4:21 pm

Why I love the MLB Now

MLB is progressing to new boundaries as the 21st century unfolds. Is it for the better though? In my the mind, yes. Bud Selig has done a very good job handling multiple obstacles while commissioner. The MLB has expanded also to the global market by brining the WBC into play and play games abroad. While some people criticize the MLB for "deamericanizing" the game, I think it is a wonderful idea in bringing the sport of baseball to the world, and popularizing it with them. Also, I would have to say the 21st century has been more interesting in baseball. Only one team (Red Sox) has one multiple times during this decade. It's not like one team is winning it all the time. Teams have mostly improved, too(Blue Jays, Royals, Tigers, Brewers). I'm also giving my apologies to Montreal for taking your team to America, but I honestly think the Nationals sound better than the Expos.

My most over hyped topic think decade is the steroid topic. I hate steroids (for athletic use of course) and I would like to see them out of the league, but there have been studies showing that although steroids may give a little more mass, they will only increase your athletic ability by a miniscule amount. This may not be true, but only a few players have improved a lot after using steroids, and who knows if they were actually the steroids that helped.

The person you just have to shake your head at is Roger Clemens. Well yeah, I guess he only liked a 15 year old girl in his late 20's, "supposedly" used steroids, lied, threw a bat Mike Piazza (I still haven't forgot about that Roger), another lady, this time John Daly's, getting kicked out of his son's Little League game, signing in the middle of the season and pitching worse than a drunk and blind Orlando Hernandez, and of course, just plain lying to America.

Overall I say that the MLB gets a B-plus for their improvements. They'll get an A with steroids gone(hopefully soon) or if they expand baseball to even greater stature in the world.
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